Personal Life

Hi! My name is Novid Emami and i'm a software engineer lives in Tehran, Iran. When i'm not behind my computer, i enjoy learning and playing guitar, reading books and do some Veganism related studies, and yeah, i'm a Vegan.

Professional Work

I started software engineering back in 2008 with small-scale web applications for Iranian & Persian customers. One of the few RTL languages alive in the world, i mean Persian, made me think about l10n and i18n aspects of software engineering projects, specially in web development. It took me some time to understand why this is a good idea to pick a robust platform and use it as a base workhouse for web development. So i picked Drupal as my tool for web applications and started to grow my knowledge in this field. Later i found a private company which was interested in developing Drupal applications and soon i joined their team. After 2 years i left the job in order to finish my university field which was software engineering, no doubt! At this time i decided to take another path, besides software engineering, in computer industry which was system administration with focus on Unix like and Unix based operating systems and took LPI as my certification program. This tough turn in my professional work opened my eyes and made me think different about real problems that can be solved by computers in the 21st century.

Resume: English (en_US) | Persian (fa_IR)


Software Engineering

The study and an application of engineering to the design, development and maintenance of software is called software engineering. As a computer programmer, i develop software for different platorms such as:

Desktop Mobile Web
GTK+ & Qt Android Drupal
Python Java PHP

System Administration

A System Administrator or sysadmin, is a person who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration and reliable operation of computer systems; specially multi-user computers such as servers. As a sysadmin, i work with Unix based and Unix like operating systems such as Linux and i'm certified with LPI as a professional system administrator. Use LPI000304882 as id and hv3r6apdth as verification code on LPI verification page.

Note: I'm in love with Free Software culture and GNU operating system. I also support Open Source principles because at most times these two are the same and people just ignore this fact.


Project Name Project Type Progress
The Debian Administrator's Handbook Book In Progress
Jalaali PHP Code Complete
Drupal User Guide Documentation Complete
Drupal Console Book Documentation Complete
PHP - The Right Way Documentation Complete
PHP - The Wrong Way Documentation Complete
Email Self Defense Guide Tutorial Complete