novid-personalPersonal Life

Hi! My name is Novid Emami and I'm a Software Engineer. When I'm not behind my computer, I enjoy learning and playing guitar, reading books, and doing some studies. I'm also a Vegetarian.





novid-professionalProfessional Work

I started software development back in 2008 with small-scale web applications for Iranian customers. One of the few RTL languages alive in the world, Persian, made me think about Localization and Internationalization aspects of software engineering projects, especially in web development. It took me some time to understand why this is a good idea to pick a robust platform and use it as a base workhouse for web development. So, I picked Drupal as my tool for web applications and started to develop my knowledge in this field. Later I found a private company that was interested in developing Drupal applications and soon joined their team. After 2 years I quit the job in order to finish my university field. At this time i decided to take another path in the computer industry which was System Administration with a focus on Unix-based and Unix-liked operating systems and took LPI as my certification program. This twist in my professional work opened my eyes to look at the real problems that can be solved not only efficiently but also ethically by computers in the 21st century.

Resume: English (en_US) | Portfolio